Pics of the largest reflective pieces at the scene:

Some a-hole hit a really nice BMW from the rear and that BMW ended up on top of my brand new motorcycle. We're trying to identify the make and model of this inner fender plastic. Can anyone help us please?

Unfortunately no markings or numbers of any sort on the plastic, but it seems it's torn away from the whole piece. The thing is quite large and must be unique to the make/model.

Pictures of paint transfer to the BMW:


Damages are over $10,000. If you can't ID can you please upvote this so it gets some visibility? Thanks so much in advance.

My bike is a brand new 2015 Honda CBR300R. I literally just bought and doesn't even have it's 600 mile service. I'm super bummed it was just parked and this happened.


Thanks so much in advance. I know you guys are wizards and I'm praying the power of the internet can perform a X-mas miracle.

Also, if anyone would like more pictures we picked up all the pieces and brought them inside so I can take different angles if anyone would like a better look